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Holly Varni, Part 2

Holly Varni, Part 2

Author, On Moonberry Lake

In part 2 of my interview with debut author and podcaster, Holly Varni, Holly continues her story about reaching the milestone of publication, talks about the role of an important mentor in her life, and answers questions from listeners. Holly offers encouragement to writers who've grown weary in their pursuit of publication as she shares her inspiring story of patience and perseverance.

Holly Varni is a native Minnesotan of strong Norwegian descent, who was raised in the Lutheran Church that Garrison Keillor made a career depicting. Between the lutefisk, grumpy grandparents, and crazy neighbors who mowed their lawn wearing pajamas, the seed to becoming a storyteller was planted. Though she, her husband, and their three sons live along the Central Coast of California, her beloved Midwest roots continue to haunt everything she writes. She hosts the Moments from Moonberry Lake podcast where she shares more stories of her beloved characters. Learn more at www.hollyvarni.com.

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Holly Varni, Part 1

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Praise for On Moonberry Lake:

"Delightful! Charming! Full of characters who take up residence in your heart. The best of 'News from Lake Wobegon' and Father Tim combined." Lauraine Snelling, bestselling author of the Red River of the North series

"An uplifting novel about the power of small-town community." Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of The Sweet Life

"Rich characters, a delightful setting, and a heartwarming story. You'll love everything about On Moonberry Lake!" Ginny L. Yttrup, award-winning author of Words

Enjoy Moments from Moonberry Lake . . .

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