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The Lady Lits

The Lady Lits

Authors of Good Tidings: A Christmas Anthology

Members of The Lady Lits, a Mastermind Group, discuss their collaborative effort, Good Tidings: A Christmas Anthology, the unexpected and heartrending obstacle they encountered as they neared publication of their book, personal obstacles they’ve encountered and overcome, imposter syndrome, the necessity of commitment for writers, and the value of a supportive community. Writers, don’t miss this inspiring and uplifting episode!

The Lady Lits

Cynthia Zager Goodwin:,, Gates of Telandra Series

Janet Joanou Weiner:, Instagram, Facebook, Though Darkness Descend

Linda Sammaritan:, Facebook, X, World Without Sound Series

Sarah Soon:, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Christmas at Sonshine Barn

Jill Wilson:, Facebook, Instagram, Blemished Sheep Novels

Mari Eygaboard:, Facebook, Instagram, Living Uprooted: Encouragement for the Missionary Wife

Susan Marie Graham:, Pinterest, Substack, Instagram, Facebook, There Will Your Heart Be


Unwrap the gifts nestled in these stories of love, loss, and laughter. Plus, enjoy a favorite family recipe from each author! 

  • After Rooney moves into her grandparents' abandoned beach house to escape her rocky marriage, an unexpected friendship lights her way forward. 

  • Upon returning home to the family business, Lina must choose between a love born out of convenience or restoring a love once lost. 

  • Her singing voice broke beyond repair. So did her marriage. Will a Christmas concert bring her joy or add to her bitterness?

  • When Jackie is offered a missionary position in Zimbabwe, will she have to choose between her love for Mick and the job she has always desired? 

  • A strike in Santa's Toy Shop two days before Christmas! Will the Magic help managing elf Twinkle meet quota in time for Santa's delivery? 

  • An innkeeper's wife wrestling infertility receives a delightful blessing made just for her. 

  • The unexpected blessing of a baby born in Paris on Christmas Day and the surprise gifts along the way. 

To give back, each storyteller is donating her profits from this project to a charity of her choice.

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Ginny L. Yttrup is a Christy Award-winning novelist, a developmental editor, and founder of Words for Writers which offers inspiration and instruction for writers.

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